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up to December 31, 2003

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November 9, 2003 Printer friendly, reader friendly version of The Rape of the Cock added
TV Sitcoms A-R broken into A-M and N-R.
October 15, 2003 Dr Mark Reiss's Kol Nidre address added.
Average 2500 visits/day. 470 sites linked to The Intactivism Pages.
October 5, 2003 "Luscious Beauty and Sadness Beyond Words" added.
Now 330 Circumstitions
September 27, 2003 Rebuttal of AAP's 2003 "factsheet" added.
Sept 7, 2003 Small additions: transcript of Queer as Folk
David Beckham to Famous non-US intact men
Liz Hurley nominated Mother of the Year
August 21, 2003 A comparison of the appearance of intact and circumcised penises added.
August 14, 2003 Tantric sex added.
July 20, 2003 Advice for nurses questioning circumcision added.
May 17, 2003 Bumperstickers added.
May 1, 2003 Circumcision in the Yemen added,
circumcision as a meme added to the Misc. page.
April 24, 2003 Mapped links added from the names and parts on the Anatomy page to the Glossary.
April 16, 2003 FGM and sex,
Article suggesting circumcision causes urinary problems, added.
April 6, 2003 Sitemap rejigged for faster loading.
April 5, 2003 BMA Guidelines on the ethics of circumcision added.
March 29, 2003 TV talk and game shows separated from sitcoms, with the addition of a transcript from Politically Incorrect.
March 20, 2003 Circumcision in the United State of America added.
March 17, 2003 Condoms and the Intact Man added.
March 8, 2003 Rebuttal to a pro-circ article for parents in Parenting magazine's BabyTalk added.
February 1, 2003 The case of Flatt vs. Kantak added.
The Milgram experiment added.
December 10, 2002 Downloadable tee-shirt designs added.
November 23, 2002 Leaflet of Brit Without Milah added.
November 21, 2002 Death certificate of Elvis Presley, proving him intact, added.
October 30, 2002 The Sand Myth [that desert sand causes sub-preputial infection] moved to its own page, with a letter from Manfred Rommel added.
October 18, 2002 Non-US celebrity page sped up with thumbnails. Now 12 Brit Shalom Providers. Map showing Australian circumcision rate added to RACP page.
October 5, 2002 Images of more intact non-US celebrities including Sean Bean, Malcom de Cubber, Rupert Graves, Jude Law and Robbie Williams, and intact US celebrities Joaquin Phoenix, Aidan Quinn and Will Smith, added.
September 27, 2002 Royal Australasian College of Physicians' ground-breaking policy added.
September 24, 2002 Remarkable Silences categorised.
September 8, 2002 Circumcision vs. Breastfeeding in .pdf format,
script of a remarkably foreskin-hostile episode of "Off centre" and
pictures of three intact C&W singers added.
August 17, 2002 Link to an important new book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision" added.
Article in a mainstream news outlet questioning circumcision added.
August 11, 2002 Statements by secular humanistic Jews added.
PDF versions of the circumcision refusal form and stickers, "Why is Mine Different?", "Care of the Intact Penis", "Christianity and Circumcision" and the flyer of the crop-eared dog added.
August 6, 2002 A shocking image of a comparable mutilation added.
July 27, 2002 A man's explanation to women of men's vulnerability added.
June 29, 2002 Frequently Asked Questions added.
June 19, 2002 An excerpt from "Further Tales of the City" added.
The Lost List - what is lost to circumcision added
June 12, 2002 Circumcision and money added. Castration page added
May 26, 2002 List of Bris Shalom providers added.
May 22, 2002 An excerpt from Philip Pullman's fantasy "The Subtle Knife" added.
May 3, 2002 Critique of a NEJM study of HPV and cervical cancer added.
April 28, 2002 A page about circumcision being questioned inFinland added.
March 27, 2002

Warning by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan against circumcising added.

March 8, 2002 Frenulum breve added.
February 28, 2002 The American Association of Family Physicans' 2002 circumcision policy added.
February 11, 2002 Renaissance painting of "The Circumcision" by Cosme Tura added.
January 31, 2002 Galleries of intact US Musicians and Leaders added.
January 25, 2002 Rebuttal to a biased BBC documentary revised and information about HIV in circumcising Ethiopia added.
Reference to the disease du jour of late 2001 removed, for fear of creating a new meme. Email me for clarification.
December 20, 2001 The rise and fall of circumcision in New Zealand added.
December 8, 2001 A link to a search engine,
a gallery of very probably intact men,
Phalluses and Fallacies and
a rebuttal to a biased documentary about HIV and circumcision added
November 21, 2001 Contents (to the index) page added.
November 14, 2001 A very relevant Æsop's fable added.
November 11, 2001 Sexually Transmitted Diseases added.
Philo of Alexandria's claim that circumcision cures a disease with the same name as the disease du jour of late 2001 added. Later removed.
November 7, 2001 Rebuttal to an egregiously biased webpage from Harvard, of all places, added.
November 1, 2001 Circumcision in the movies added.
October 24, 2001 Leaflet from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with commentary, added.
Historical quotes about the once well-known pleasures of the foreskin added.
October 13, 2001 Article about the silence around the abuse of Arab boys - which does not mention male circumcision - added to the Remarkable Silences page.
Article about a man going on trial for cutting off his puppies' tails added.
September 3, 2001 Diagrams of male and female anatomy at eight weeks' gestation and at birth added.
August 19, 2001 Two Rage Against The Machine performers, Ricky Martin and Fabio added to the Famous Intact Men pages.
A E Housman and Wink Musselman added to the Circumcised Men Who Resented It page.
Morris, Men Who Resented It, and Circumstitions summary and references added to Intactivism Lite
July 28, 2001 The designation "Botched" is removed from the Gallery of Circumcisions on the basis that the owners presented their penises for photographing as "normal".
A good illustration of tissue expansion added to the Restoration page.
July 22, 2001 Analyses of the circumcision policies of the American Urological Association and the American Association of Family Physicians added.
July 5, 2001 Deaths in Africa added.
Israeli Jewish non-circumcising community added.
June 29, 2001 Circumstitions categorised.
June 20, 2001 " MSKRELSE" inne i rd (No-circ logo in Swedish) added.
June 17, 2001 A page consolidating items from Sweden (which has just passed a law minimally regulating infant circumcision), many in Swedish and English, added.
Soundfile (103KB) from a television documentary of a New Zealander celebrating his intactness added.
May 13, 2001 Marilyn Milos' acceptance speech for a Nurseweek award for patient advocacy.
Remarkable Silences around circumcision broken out from Prejudice.
May 5, 2001Gallery of Intact Men, Botches and Pictures at a Circumcision moved into a restricted area behind warnings.
April 25, 2001 "Something They Haven't" - story and FAQ for intact teens added. Also in brochure form.
April 15, 2001 A page about prejudice against intact men and their penises, and circumcision-denial, added.
April 14, 2001 Named picture of Intactivists at 6ISGI added. Erections removed from galleries and de-emphasised in botched galleries.
March 14, 2001 An excerpt from "Horse Heaven" by Jane Smiley added.
March 3, 2001 Tenth gallery page of good-looking intact men added. [Ninth gallery later removed.]
March 1, 2001 (Very shonky) Defence of FGM added.
WHO's typology of FGM added
Circumcision news page begun.
February 11, 2001 Circumcision in Shakepeare added.
Can you remember being circumcised? added.
Glossary divided into intact anatomy and circumcision/restoration/intactivism Please email me if any links fail, letting me know the word and where it was.
February 2, 2001 A father's story added.
January 23, 2001 Roman Catholic edicts on circumcision,
a paraphimosis page,
a judgement against circumcision where parents disagreed, and
the full text of Maimonides on Milah added.
December 20, 2000 More details of Brit Shalom/Shalem, cartoon of Maurice Bevan-Brown, picture of bone-forceps, added.
Docking of dogs' tails banned in Israel.
Now 288 circumstitions - too gross!
December 18, 2000 Frenular delta announced at the Sixth International Symposium on Genital Integrity. Pictures of Intactivists added.
November 18, 2000 Excerpts from an important new book, "The Ethical Canary" by Margaret Somerville, added.
November 15, 2000 Save Matthew! added.
November 12, 2000 Intactivism Lite (complying with AOL's "family" policy) added
"Miscellaneous" page added, with
"Shakespearean" circumcision articles,
balanitis of diabetes, and
inflammation vs infection

Rebuttal to drkoop.com added
A 1941 circumcision (mis)information page added, when doctors circumcised without asking.
October 22, 2000 New Testament quotations in brochure form added.
October 18, 2000 Circumcision refusal form added.
"A boy should look like his father" cartoon added.
Links to pages in other languages (ѱ (Korean), français, Deutsch, nederlands) added.
September 8, 2000 Began compressing images with JPEG Organiser.
In TV Sitcoms, pictures added to The Nanny and South Park, script to Seinfeld
September 3, 2000 Rebuttal to the American Medical Association policy statement added.
August 20, 2000 Intersexuality page added.
August 4, 2000Szabo and Short's HIV paper contrasted with Gerald Weiss's.
July 24, 2000 Tuli: circumcision in the Philippines added.
July 19, 2000 Sexuality added.
Shanes's story added.
June 28, 2000 The Eisenhower Medical Center and Mayo Clinic advice rebutted.
June 12, 2000 Szabo and Short's claims of circumcision preventing HIV rebutted
These pages divided at Jan 1, 2000.
June 8, 2000 Care of the Intact Penis in leaflet form added.
An analysis of the AAP's "Care of the Uncircumcised Penis" added.
June 2, 2000 Care of the Intact Penis added.
Many more ancient artifacts, from Etruria and Pompeii, added to the Art Gallery
Pictures of T-tape, a tugger and a Restoration Centre ( smile ) added to the Restoration page.
May 19, 2000 The Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises in Art broken into three pages, Classical Antiquity, the Renaissance and post-Renaissance.
Dialogue, soundbites and analysis of Sex and the City's circumcision episode.
A Jewish Intactivist's case for Brit Milah added to the Jewish page.
Photographs added to the Restoration page.
More quick retorts added.
May 1, 2000 A page of men who are circumcised and resent it added.
Rebuttal of Bailey and Halperin's European vs US heterosexual HIV transmission claims added.
April 27, 2000 Mantegna's "The Circumcision" page now in colour
April 24, 2000 Foreskin restoration, a brief introduction and links to relevant sites added.
Circumcision around the Pacific added.
(A synopsis of "Foreskin's Lament" the NZ play giving several NZ circumcision articles their titles, added to the "Dominion" article.)
April 16, 2000 A chart comparing circumcision with Female Genital Mutilation added.
A page discussing why circumcision is "mutilation" added.
The strange case of Circumcision in Korea added.
April 11, 2000 An article from New Zealand added.
Christian Science added to the Christianity page.
Staphlococcus aureus and oxygen deprivation added to the Complications page.
April 5, 2000 Books page separated from References page and accepted as an associate of Amazon.com with links for ordering.
April 3, 2000 "Why is mine different?" - a short story for intact boys (and their parents) about why it's okay to have a penis unlike the other boys', in both online and downloadable leaflet formats added.

"It's a Boy!" - a short summary for parents and parents-to-be about the case for intactness, in both online and downloadable leaflet formats added.
March 23, 2000 Hygiene page added.
Cervical cancer added to cancer page.
March 21, 2000 Human rights page added
Suit by man circumcised during heart surgery added to Law page
US law against Female Genital Mutilation added.
Call for ban on circumcision in Sweden added to the Ethics page.
March 14, 2000 First report of a baby saved from circumcision by these pages.
La Leche League's 1981 policy against RIC added
Move to ban docking of dog's tails in Western Australia added
Suit against North Dakota hospital for uninformed consent added
March 11, 2000 More than 1200 sessions (48,557 hits) today.
March 9, 2000 The case of Jacob Sweet, brain damaged after circumcision, and a legal argument that circumcision is criminal assault are added to the Law page.
March 6, 2000 The AAP's 1999 policy statement is analysed
The AAP's brochure for parents is analysed and gives rise to
an alternative brochure, also available in document form
February 23, 2000 A page on circumcision and midwifery added, with particular reference to Varney's Midwifery.
A page of quotations is started.
February 13, 2000 A page on circumcision and pain added
Dr Brian Morris's essay "Medical Benefits of Circumcision" is rebutted.
January 24, 2000 A pro-circumcision paper, Women's Preferences for Penile Circumcision In Sexual Partners with an analysis, added
January 17, 2000 Complications of circumcision page with references added
January 6, 2000 Circumsurdities (Absurd claims for circumcision) page begun
Law and Circumcision page begun. (Pierced cat story shifted there)
January 3, 2000 For the first time, more than 1000 hits (sessions) today.
December 30, 1999 Story of pierced cat added to ethics page.
Psychology of Circumcising page begun.
December 9, 1999 Essay on Brit without Milah added
December 7, 1999 Circumstitions presented with (44KB) and without (24KB) sources, references and comments ["without" list replaced by categories, 7/01]
Pie-charts of the incidence of intactness and circumcision added to Maps page.
November 23, 1999 Excerpt from Arthur C. Clarke's 3001 added, along with parallel prediction for Futurama
November 23, 1999 Feedback page added
Chatelaine and Toronto Globe & Mail articles brought on to this site after they expired at their original sites
November 12, 1999 Circumcision and Breastfeeding added
"Judging Amy" added to TV Sitcoms
November 5, 1999 Pictures at a Circumcision added
October 27, 1999 Susan Peer's approach to women added
October 25, 1999 Excerpts from an article by Canadian ethicist Margaret Somerville about the ethics of circumcision in general and to prevent HIV added.
October 18, 1999 Photos of high, low, loose and tight circumcisions added to the Glossary.
Penis Day (Hounen Matsuri) page added.
Leonardo's Vitruvian man added to the art gallery.
October 12, 1999 Rebuttal of Circumcision-HIV studies added
October 4, 1999 Animation of How the Foreskin Works added
September 12, 1999 Gallery of Botched Circumcisions further enlarged, including more scarring, unevenness and skin-bridges
Gallery of Intact men and their Penises in Art added
First illustrations added to the Glossary.
September 6, 1999 World maps of MGM and FGM prevalence added.
One man's story of his circumcision wound tearing added.
Definitions of "high" "low" "loose" "tight" and "circumfetishist" added to the Glossary.
Scarring and unevenness added to Gallery of Botched Circumcisions
August 16, 1999 Gallery of Botched Circumcisions greatly enlarged, including necrotising fasciitis and death of Dustin Evans Jr
Soundfile from South Park added
July 30, 1999 A Gallery of Botched Circumcisions opened
The "Circ-dirge" and "Circlock" were moved to a "multimedia" page along with the Munchkinland apple tree voice and the logo.
July 13, 1999 A Gallery of Famous Intact Men added
A fully animated postcard added to the "Not Just a Flap of Skin" page
June 19, 1999 A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises added
June 11, 1999 Commentary on Mantegna's painting and link to an article by a repentant mother added
May 18, 1999 On Jesus' Circumcision added
May 3, 1999 New Testament quotations added
May 1, 1999 Edgar Schoen's pro-circ verses added
Intact-L and Intact-N mailing list @ddresses added to Index page
Now 240 Circumstitions
April 1, 1999 Netscape-compatible version of the AAP MGM vs FGM statements added. Removed August 18 1999 when standard version corrected.
March 7, 1999 AAP statements on MGM and FGM contrasted
UTI graph animated
Intactivism pages moved to www.circumstitions.com from Geocities

January 14, 1999

Intactivism chronology linked to references. "Cheers" added to T V Sitcoms

January 12, 1999

Intactivism references and rebuttals to "a non-issue" added, anatomy diagram improved.

December 31, 1998

Diagram added of intact penile anatomy, with links from the Glossary.
Files created on MSWord are being replaced piecemeal by files re-edited on HomeSite, making them shorter.

December 13, 1998

Graphic information added about UTIs, penile cancer.

December 10, 1998

Circumcision glossary improved with hyperlinks.

November 22, 1998

Circumstitions classified.

November 9, 1998

Chronology of the Foreskin and Circumcision, and Treatment of Circumcision in TV Sitcoms added to Intactivism page.

October 23, 1998

Intactivism pages added to the Circumcision Information Ring

October 15-17. 1998

Site blacked in memory of Matthew Shepard. More pages added when it re-opened.

October 12, 1998

First pages uploaded, including some Intactivism pages, such as circumstitions.

October 7, 1998

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