This is one of the first articles in a mainstream outlet that considers male circumcision as a human rights issue.


Routine Procedure or Child Abuse?

Foxnews ifeminists
Tuesday, August 06, 2002
By Wendy McElroy

A disconcerting issue has hit the political radar: male circumcision. Is it a medical procedure or child abuse? 

As furor over female genital mutilation grows, so does the criticism of male circumcision.

This June, Arizona eliminated Medicaid funding for infant circumcision, following the lead of six other states: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, North Dakota, and Mississippi. In July, a North Dakota court ruled that an adult male could sue the doctor who circumcised him even though the parents had consented and there was no "botch." Flatt v. Kantak became the latest in a series of circumcision cases that test the legal status of the procedure.

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