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Oct 7 1998 - Dec 31, 2002

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Glossary of the intact penis

Glossaries of circumcision, restoration and Intactivism

Glossary images

anatomy diagram

How the Foreskin Works animation

Penis Day (Japan, New Zealand)

Diagrams of male and female anatomy at eight weeks' gestation and at birth


Pictures of intactivists, including the Sixth International Symposium on Genital Integrity.

Remarkable Silences around circumcision


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Archive: Headlines to the present, Jan 2013 - 2-3 months ago, Dec 2005 - Dec 2012

For intactness (more than 40 more pages)

Against circumcision (more than 100 more pages)

Permissible and impermissible analogies for circumcision (satire)

Maps of world prevalence,
Male Genital Mutilation (MGM)
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Why circumcision - male or female - is "mutilation".

Female circumstitions

Tabular comparison of MGC and FGC

WHO's definition of four types of FGC

Effect of FGC on sex

FGC defended - using MGC as a precedent

AAP policies, MGC vs FGC



"Pulling" - labia elongationUvulectomy

Genital Integrity and Intersex

Widespread in Italy for 200 years, now all but forgotten, the acceptance of castration has parallels with that of circumcision.

Three pieces of music written by and/or for castrati, Allegri's Miserere, Gluck's Che faro and Mozart's Alleluja

Widespread in China for 1000 years, now thankfully unknown, footbinding is compared with circumcision.

Feedback page

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For intactness

"It's a Boy!"
A short summary for parents and parents-to-be of the case for intactness in simple language.

"It's a Boy!"
The same summary in brochure form more suitable for downloading and printing out.

And again on four A4 sides.

"Why is mine different?"
A story for intact boys (age 5-10) and their parents about why it's okay to have a penis that's not like the others.

"Why is mine different?"
The same story in leaflet form as a Word document or in .pdf format suitable for downloading and printing out.

"Something They Haven't"

A story and Q&A for intact teenagers about peer pressure and being intact.

"Something They Haven't"

The same story and Q&A in brochure form more suitable for downloading and printing out.

Care of the Intact Penis

There's very little to it!

"Care of the Intact Penis"
The same information in leaflet form as a Word document or in .pdf format suitable for downloading and printing out.

The AAP's "Care of the Uncircumcised Penis" analysed

Paraphimosis - readily treated

Functions of the foreskin

An animated postcard demonstrating why the foreskin is not just "a flap of skin"
and others illustrating the size and the number of nerves

Bad analogies for the foreskin (NSFW)

The Foreskin, Circumcision and Sexuality - with a full rebuttal of Masters & Johnson

Circumcised men talk about their sexuality
(damning it with faint praise)

Condoms and the Intact Man

2000 years of awareness that
the foreskin itself gives pleasure.

Tantric sex for the intact penis.

An excerpt from "Horse Heaven" by Jane Smiley

"Luscious Beauty and Sadness Beyond Words"

An excerpt from "Further Tales of the City" by Armistead Maupin

A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises in Art
1. Classical Antiquity
2. Pompeii
3. Renaissance
4. post-Renaissance
5. Modern (post-photography)

A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises
[Entry Warning]

[After Entry Warning:]
A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

A Gallery of Famous Intact Men -
US film stars - early
US film stars - recent
US TV stars - early
US TV stars - recent
US sporting heroes
US Musicians
Non-US celebrities: musicians, actors, sportsmen, others

A Gallery of Very-Probably-Intact Men

Foreskin restoration
die Vorhaut-Restoration (Foreskin restoration in German)

A (restoring) father on having an intact son.

From very rare to nearly universal: the rise of intactness in New Zealand: a presentation and a newspaper article.

From very rare to more than four in five (and more than 19 in 20 in some states): The ambiguous status of intactness in Australia.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan warns its members (minimally) against circumcising.

Sweden is the first country to regulate (minimally) infant and child circumcision.

Finland is now (halfheartedly) starting to question it.

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Against genital cutting

Circumcision methods (with pictures of many circumcision instruments)

Pictures at a (forceps-guided) Circumcision
[Entry warning]

[After entry warning]
Pictures at a Circumcision

A Gallery of Circumcisions
[Entry warnings]
Skin bridges
Skin tags
Necrotising fasciitis (Galloping Gangrene)
Varicose veins
Too much skin removed
Wound dehiscence (reopening)

[After entry warnings]
A Gallery of Circumcisions
Skin bridges
Skin tags
Necrotising fasciitis (Galloping Gangrene)
Varicose veins
Too much skin removed
Wound dehiscence

[Entry warning] Side by side comparison of the appearance of (erect) intact and circumcised penises

[After entry warning] Appearance comparison

Complications of circumcision:
meatal ulcer, meatal stenosis, haemorrhage, infection, ablation of the penis.


Autopsy report in a death from exsanguination (loss of blood).

Complication references


Coercion - parents tell of being pressured to circumcise,
and babies circumcised against their wishes

Regret - parents tell why they wish they had not circumcised, and men cut as adults tell why they wish they had not consented to it.

Circumcision Refusal Form
A strongly worded form for parents-to-be who want their sons left intact.

Circumcision Refusal Form
and stickers

The same form, with a sheet of stickers for forms and the bassinet in Word or in .pdf format for downloading and printing out.

The Circumstitions
A selection by category. The full list with sources, references and comments
The Sand Myth (the claim that desert sand causes sub-preputial infection, as a reason to circumcise)

Circumsurdities (Absurd claims for circumcision)

"... when ... man ... was obliged to fly and leap over thorny briars and bramble-bushes"
- Peter Remondino's original 1900 diatribe against the "outlaw" foreskin

 Genital cutting and racism - original documents, including more of Peter Remondino

Prejudice against intact men and their penises

Bad analogies for male genital cutting

More than 30 Reasons not to circumcise

The Lost List - what is lost to circumcision

Wound tearing - one man's story

Sheila Kitzinger's succinct condemnation

Circumcision and breastfeeding


in .pdf format

Why Christians need not be circumcised


The same information in brochure form as a Word document or in .pdf format for downloading and printing out.

On Jesus' circumcision

Mantegna's and Tura's "The Circumcision"

Why circumcision is not reguired by Islam.

The case for Brit without Milah

Brit Without Milah
as a leaflet
in .pdf format

The Rambam's full text, a questioning commentary and various other Jewish-oriented articles.

A list of Brit Shalom celebrants.

A speech at a Kol Nidre service by a celebrant.

What to say to people who say it's "not an issue"

"If you can't spell it...."

Short answers

Phalluses and Fallacies - fallacious arguments for circumcision

Hundreds of first-person accounts by men who resent being circumcised.

Famous men who resent/ed being circumcised

A circumcised man helps women understand men's vulnerability
One woman's approach to women
A mother-to-be wins her husband over. (Chatelaine)
A woman who wishes she hadn't had her son circumcised. (Toronto Globe & Mail)

Advice for nurses questioning circumcision

Marilyn Milos' acceptance speech for a Nurseweek award for patient advocacy

"It's cleaner" - hygiene

"When they say 'It's not the money,' it's the money"

The International Coalition for Genital Integrity Medicaid Project's report outlining the true costs of circumcision

Frenulum breve - "tight banjostring" no reason to circumcise

Hypospadias - urinary opening under the penis; no reason to circumcise

Phimosis - non-retractable foreskin no reason to circumcise. Entry warning for pictures of happily phimosed adult

Pictures of happily phimosed adult


UTI graph

Penile Cancer, prostate cancer and cervical cancer in partners


cancer graph

Critique of a claim in the New England Journal of Medicine the circumcision protects against Human Papilloma Virus and cervical cancer

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Issues with Auvert's Random Controlled Test in Orange Farm, South Africa

A rebuttal of Auvert from the Pasteur Institute

A sceptical view from the Terrence Higgins Trust

A critique of Szabo and Short's BMJ paper

Szabo and Short's HIV paper contrasted with Gerald Weiss's

Rebuttal to a biased documentary linking HIV with intactness

A 1941 advice page: doctors did it without asking - and to prevent masturbation

The Eisenhower Medical Center's advice page analysed

The Mayo Clinic's advice page analysed, and its brochure for parents with misleading "before" and "after" pictures.

The drkoop.com advice page analysed

A page from Harvard analysed

Midwifery and circumcision with particular reference to Varney's Midwifery

Royal Australasian College of Physicians's 2002 policy analysed

Royal Australasian College of Physicians's brochure analysed

The American Association of Family Physicans' 2002 circumcision policy analysed.

The AAFP's 1996 policy statement analysed

The American Urological Association's circumcision policy analysed.

The American Academy of Pediatrician's 2012 "factsheet" for parents rebutted
(The AAP's 2001 brochure for parents and their 2003 "factsheet" for parents analysed)

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists's brochure for parents analysed

The AMA's (2000) policy analysed

AMA references

The AAP's 2012 policy annotated
(The AAP's 1999 policy analysed)

An article in Parenting magazine's BabyTalk, that relies heavily on the AAP's 1999 policy, rebutted.

in the
United States of America

From unknown to nearly universal: the strange case of circumcision in South Korea.

Pagtutuli: circumcision in the Philippines, formerly traditional, now pseudo-medical.

Tribal circumcision.

Circumcision in the Pacific

Circumcision in the Yemen (1921) - flaying

Circumcision and the Law

Contents of Circumcision and the Law

Comparable abuses and the law
Entry warning to a shocking example.

A shocking example (after entry warning).

A Shocking Example
in flyer form as a .pdf document for downloading and printing out.

Judgement against circumcision
where parents disagree

Judgement against circumcision
where a boy and girl are both at risk

Judgement against circumcision
where the children's interests are considered

Judgement against circumcision of a New Jersey three-year-old

An Australian successfully sues for a botched job

Flatt vs. Kantak: was consent well-enough informed?

Ethics of Circumcision

Circumcision and Human Rights

British Medical Association's 2003 ethical guidelines

Ethicist Margaret Somerville on the ethics of circumcision

Feminist Wendy McElroy queries the ethics of circumcision for Fox News

Rebuttal to a flawed article defending the ethics of circumcising

The Psychology of Circumcising

the Adamant Parent syndrome

The sociobiology of circumcising - Circumcision as a Memeplex

"Rape of the Cock" (poem)

Edgar Schoen's pro-cutting verses

Some relevant quotations

A pro-circumcision essay, Medical Benefits of Circumcision

A pro-circumcision scientific paper on women's preferences in sexual partners

The erratic and contradictory treatment of circumcision in the movies

The extraordinary amount of coverage of, and support for, circumcision on TV sitcoms, talk and game shows
"That Thing" - a paper about portrayal of the foreskin and circumcision in popular media

Soundbites from "Sex and the City": 'Tootsie-pop'; '85%'
A soundbite from "The Simpsons"
Voices from "South Park" - text

Silly (negative) analogies for the foreskin


A voice from The Wizard of Oz - text
and a New Zealand documentary, "The Naked Penis" - text
The "Cir-clock",
the "Circ-dirge",
a cartoon, "A boy should look like his father"
and a Logo also in Swedish

Campaign resources:

  • Tee-shirt designs for downloading, printing and ironing on
  • Bumperstickers for downloading, printing and sticking on

The Intactivism Shop
for T-shirts, mugs, other products.

Scientific References

An excerpt from Y: the Descent of Men by Steve Jones


An excerpt from Arthur C. Clarke's 3001

Literature, including excerpts from

A chapter from Edward Wallerstein's "Circumcision: an American health fallacy"

A fable of Ęsop

"Miscellaneous" page ("Shakespearean" articles, infections vs inflammations, , diabetes and balanitis, permanently retracted foreskin, whether babies remember being circumcised, other underrated organs - the appendix and Jacobson's organ, circumcision and royalty,sociobiology and "to look like dad")

For intactness (more than 40 more pages)

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