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December 20,2021 EASTERN CAPE: 23 dead from initiation so far this season.
December 10, 2021 BRISBANE: Darbon Institute says act now to stop genital cutting deaths
December 10, 2021 PERTH: Top WA doctor warns against non-medically indicated genital cutting
December 9, 2021 PERTH: 2yo dead, baby brother fighting for life, after botches
September 23,2021 FLORIDA: Doctor botches cutting while licence being revoked, had previously cut off penis
July 16,2021 KENYA: CDC confirms figures for cutting were inflated
June 23, 2021 PERTH: Women convicted for asking a doctor to cut a baby girl
June 15, 2021 LEEDS: Boy, 21m, may not be cut now, may choose later - judge
May 8, 2021 ALABAMA: Law against transgender surgery on minors may also outlaw deforeskinning
April 19, 2021 COPENHAGEN: Politicians condemn US, Israel pressure on Denmark's genital cutting law
March 15, 2021 MASSACHUSETTS: Lawsuit against genital cutting may proceed
February 5, 2021
NEW JERSEY: AAP sued for fraud over genital cutting policy
November 15, 2020 BELFAST: Two boys fighting for life after botched cutting
November 13,2020 STOCKHOLM: Man who cut nine boys with a soldering gun gets suspended sentence
November 11, 2020 HELSINKI: Finland drops male cutting restrection from anti-genital cutting bill.
Nobvember 5, 2020 COPENHAGEN: Danish Medical Association; cutting without medical indication is unethical
September  18, 2020 BIRMINGHAM, UK: Struck-off doctor charged with  34 assaults while cutting boys
September 11, 2020 ISRAEL: Couple with baby flee hospital after botched cutting.
September 3, 2020 COPENHAGEN: Danish People's party wants 18-year age requirement for male cutting
August 27, 2020 NEW ZEALAND:  DIY; With mohel stuck in Sydney by C-19, man cuts own son
February 25, 2020 NEW YORK: metzitzah; More boys contract herpes from oral suction
August 13, 2020 MAINE: Speaker kills anti-FGC bills as "racist"
December 11.2019 CAIRO: Muslim intactivist groups form
July 22, 2020 MASSACHUSETTS: Lawsuit against Medicaid coverage of infant male genital cutting
February 21, 2020 DENMARK: Patient Safety Authority greenlights ritual male cutting

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