Prenatal development of male and female genitalia




Development of the male and female genitals before birth


Male and female genitals develop from the same embryonic tissue and, as most people know, have corresponding parts.

Here are drawings showing how the parts correspond.


Prenatal development of male and female genitals (53KB)

NB: The penis shown is being prepared for circumcision. In the newborn, he foreskin is attached to the glans. Tearing it away, as shown, leaves two raw, wounded surfaces.

While the clitoris and glans arise from corresponding tissue, it does not follow that they have identical nerve densities. It is widely believed that the clitoris is the erotic centre in women, but anecdotal evidence is coming in that the clitoral prepuce (the "hood") may actually be the source of greater stimulation. The neurology of the glans penis and foreskin strongly suggests that this is the case in the male.

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