A Gallery of Famous Intact Men 3

Former US TV stars



Johnny CrawfordJohnny Crawford

The Rifleman
(Mark McCain)
The Naked Ape
Chuck Connors

No sawn-off shotgun for
The Rifleman
(Luke McCain)
Chuck Connors

Crawford appears nude in The Naked Ape


David SelbyDavid Selby

Dark Shadows
Falcon Crest


Clint Walker
Clint Walker


Alan Alda
Alan Alda
"Hawkeye" in M*A*S*H

See also Donald Sutherland (film)

Jamie Farr
Jamie Farr
"Klinger" in M*A*S*H

Of Lebanese origin
disclosed by a close relation


James Arness James Arness
"Matt Dillon"
Dennis Weaver
   Dennis Weaver
"Chester Goode"


Dick Van Dyke -
Dick Van Dyke then...
Dick VanDyke -x
...and now. "To cut, or not to cut?
- hmm, I think not, definitely not."


Desi Arnaz Jr, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Sr - composite
Desi Arnaz Jr and Sr
and they both loved Lucy


Erik Estrada

"Ponch" in CHiPS

The Laumann study found 46% of Hispanic men to be intact, compared to 19% of Anglo men.

Erik Estrada


Lou Ferrigno
Lou Ferrigno, "The Incredible Hulk"


Ron Howard 1Ron (Ronnie) Howard
an all-American boy
and never without
his peaked cap
Ron Howard 2


Tony Franciosa
Tony Franciosa
Matt Helm


Telly Svalas
Telly Savalas


the late John Belushi
the late John Belushi
James Belushi
James Belushi
The Late Show
Saturday Night Live

Both born in Chicago;
their father and maternal grandfather
were born in Albania.
A correspondent has seen nude photographs of both
- but John Belushi's autopsy (p5) says "The penis is circumcised."
(later in life, perhaps?)


Don Cornelius
Don Cornelius
Soul Train

Mentioned in his autopsy

Johnny Carson
Johnny Carson
Tonight Show

- jokes about it with Don Rickles:
Rickles makes a Jewish blessing over him.
Carson: "For a moment I thought I was gonna have
to have the operation. At my age that [ain't] smart."

Others who could go here:

Orson Bean
Andy Griffith
Mr T
Lyle Waggoner


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