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Intactness and normal penile anatomy

Intact celebrities

Male Genital Cutting


Brit Milah
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Female Genital Cutting

Involuntary Sexual Reassignment

Intactness and normal penile anatomy

The ridged band has its own website. So does the acroposthion.
the-penis.com, a wide-ranging site (e.g. sex positions for fat people) by an individual. Partly commercial (AdultCheck required) with an emphasis on penis size and enlargement.
An excellent Australian summary.
A woman's fansite for the intact penis, sex-oriented but not pornographic.
Grey's Anatomy

Intact celebrities
The most comprehensive list of intact celebrities has been compiled by

Chuck Thompson
PO Box 691024
Hollywood CA 90069

The online version dates from 1996. The accuracy of many entries has been challenged, however.
Part of a database of male actors who appear nude in films.


Male Genital Cutting

The only country where routine (as distinct from ritual) infant circumcision is still prevalent is the USA. The best sites for information about this are


  • The Stop the Cut Foundation in central Africa

Circumcision has become uncommon in the British Commonwealth over the last few few decades, but it still done at a troublesome rate.

You can endorse the Ashley Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide, a Petition to the World Court, the Hague.
Reform Jews especially are invited to sign an online petition calling on the Leadership of the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis "to demonstrate leadership by now educating its Rabbis to recognize the medical and ethical shortcomings of religious circumcision, and to both sanction and promote alternative ceremonies, like the Brit Shalom, [and] to support those that do so."

Care2 has two petitions running, one to the Centers for Disease Control, the other to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The MGM Bill is a proposed measure to outlaw Male Genital Cutting.

The Genital Autonomy Legal Defense & Education Fund www.galdef.org

Blogs, podcasts, videos, Facebook pages and essays are now together on one page.


Birth Psychology is a site concerned with psychological influences at birth.

Circumcised fathers considering leaving their sons intact now have a special page on the NOHARMM site where they may contact a circumcised father of an intact son in their area.

The Whole Network has contact details for foreskin-friendly doctors, sorted by state.

Cat Saunders is a counsellor, shamanistic practitioner and minister who explains why she regrets never having had an intact lover.
The Goofyfoot Press, publishers of "The Guide to Getting It On", have a page of first-hand accounts of sex by and with intact men.

In September of 2002, San Francisco State University became the first college campus to have a student organization specifically focused on ending all forms of genital mutilations. Since the formation of Students for Genital Integrity (http://www.studentsforgenitalintegrity.org), other students around the country have expressed interest in starting similar organizations. A moderated Yahoo e-group for students only has been created as a means to help that happen. There are currently chapters of Students for Genital Integrity in Iowa and Florida, and two are forming in Washington DC and one in Arizona.

Other languages:

Korean flag 한글 - 포경수술 114:.

A site in Korean: Korean website, cafe.naver.com/nocircum http://cafe.naver.com/nocircum

Spanish flag Mexican flag Puerto Rican flag El Trastorno por Estrs Postraumtico (PTSD) de Larga Duracin como Resultado de la Ciruga Genital de los Menores por Gregory J. Boyle, Departamento de Psicologa, Universidad Bond, Australia

Blog: Mxico Intacto

le tricolor En franais, il y a le site de l'Association Contre La Mutilation Des Enfants (A.M.E.).

La bande strie du prpuce a son propre site.

Sites canadiens:
L'Association pour l'intgrit gnitale

(un peu de technique . . . avec la pratique !
prparation, fabrication et pose du ruban T.tape)

Un livre en franais:

Circoncision masculine - Circoncision fminine:
dbat religieux, mdical, social et juridique

par Sami A. Aldeeb Abu-Sahlieh
Editeur: L'Harmattan, Paris, 24x16 cm, 539 pages.
Prix: 290 Francs franais
Il peut tre ordonn par internet ou email.


Deutches fahn beschneidung von jungen.de
NOCIRC of Germany hat eine website. Sie enthlt auch eine FAQ-Seite speziell fr junge Menschen.

intaktiv e.V.

nederlands [flag] Er is ook een nederlands versie.

Een Nederlandse video (with English subtitles)

Dansk [flag] Dansk:


Other Scandinavian resources, the memorable site www.circumcision.no

Drapelul Romniei - Romanian flag Romanian Gardian - Pentru Protectia Genitala A Baietilor

???? ?? ????????? A Hindi translation of Pictures at a Circumcision
''Farsi'' (Persian) in Farsi A page in Farsi (Persian)

The Dr Recommend site - an excellent reference source for circumcision information - offers computerised translations into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.


Brit Milah
Jewish circumcision has a very different motivation. It is considered from a Jewish perspective at

A Jewish blogger, The Kvetcher, criticises circumcision.

In Israel, the Israeli Association Against Genital Mutilation is at

P.O. Box 56178,
Tel Aviv 61561,

Kahal is an Israeli parents' group that promotes intactness.
phone: +972-3-5299246

A Reform Jew has opened an online petition calling on the Leadership of the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis "to demonstrate leadership by now educating its Rabbis to recognize the medical and ethical shortcomings of religious circumcision, and to both sanction and promote alternative ceremonies, like the Brit Shalom, [and] to support those that do so."

Free Bris, a Facebook page "Offering empowerment & support to Jews who choose to leave their sons Intact (not circumcising)."

Iraeli flag Two sites in Hebrew:

  • Gonnen (Protect Your Child) and
  • a forum at Tapuz (Giving up Brit Milah)

The 8th Day

A video documentary by Keren Markuze about two Jewish couples wrestling with the decision whether to circumcise their sons. Markuze made the video as her master's thesis in broadcast journalism. You can obtain a copy by sending a cheque for $US30 (including shipping and handling) to - Keren Markuze, P.O. Box 361425, Los Angeles, CA 90036.


Circumcision is not mentioned in the Qur'an, but more Muslim boys are circumcised than any other single group. An Islamic site with anti-circumcision information is http://www.quran.org/khatne.htm (also http://www.quran.org/CIRCUMCISION.HTM), part of the Virtual Mosque. Another, FreeMinds.Org, has a page against Islamic circumcision.

The QuranicPath website includes some finely detailed argument.

The Revival follows "the Original teachings of Qur'an".

A Facebook page (in Arabic: ?????? ????? ???? ??????? ... ??? ??? ??????) calling for male circumcision to be banned.

Another Facebook page, Circumcision in Islam ???? ?? ???????.

Zobaida refused to have her son circumcised and blogs about it at Al Haramlek (in Arabic).


Catholics Against Circumcision have published a leaflet for Catholic parents-to-be.
The personal site Circumcision and Restoration takes a specifically Christian position.

Doctors Opposing Circumcision (DOC) have a website, which includes a video about the structure and function of the prepuce. It is clear and comprehensive, but being aimed at doctors, uses medical terminology. DOC has members throughtout the US and in Canada and Australia.

A list of foreskin-friendly doctors on a women's message board.

The Whole Network has contact details for foreskin-friendly doctors, sorted by state.

An individual's site, medical fraud, offers a $1000 reward to anyone who can prove that infant circumcision is medically ethical.

Nurses and Midwives
Nurses for the Rights of the Child is for nurses and midwives who conscientiously object to circumcision. They have a website, or you can email them.

Foreskin restoration
Some thousands of circumcised men worldwide are regaining some of the function and much of the appearance of a foreskin by encouraging growth through tension. They keep contact via:

Artificial foreskin

A company in Salisbury, England, Viafin-Atlas, makes an "undergarment" called a "Senslip" out of latex and rayon that acts as an artificial foreskin, even retracting like one for urination (not intercourse). The idea is to restore the sensitivity of the glans. The need for such a device is itself an indictment of circumcision. Their website has a video with a strong pro-intact message and some good graphics, but a rather confused message about the innervation and role of the foreskin.

Men who want to take legal action on account of botched, non-consensual or unnecessary circumcision (and lawyers who want to help with such action) should contact Attorneys for the Rights of the Child (ARC).

Here is a link for information about lawsuits against doctors and medical boards.

A lawyer who specialises in botched and wrongful circumcisions.

Here is one to resources on medical malpractice.

Men who object to having been circumcised are invited to join the class action at SueEasy.com

Photographer Sherwin Carlquist has a web site of his black and white photographs of natural men (intact and with no tattoos, tanlines or shaved bodies, either) in natural landscapes.

Angela's Men is a gallery of treated photographs of intact men, many closeups. Treatment is commonly a metallic finish, such as copper. The images are large, suitable for printing.

The groundbreaking British documentary It's a Boy! is now available on DVD. Trailer at the website.
"Circumcision? Intact Facts" An important short video. It doesn't show the whole circumcision procedure, but it shows enough, the baby first screaming and then traumatized. It is dramatically evident that the pain and trauma of circumcision cause a dissociative state.
18 mins VHS. $44.05 InJoy Productions, 3970 Broadway, Suite B-4, Boulder, CO 80304 USA. ph: 800-326-2082

Here is a list of sites offering videos (offsite).


"American Secret" is a proposed documentary about circumcision. Here is its pitch reel.

And why not? Musicians have supported many good causes in the past - think of Live Aid. There's now a website for Musicians United to Stop Infant Circumcision
Country & Western singer Mark Weigle has songs supporting genital integrity.
A song on a CD by Dennis Payne and Charles Bieker has the refrain, "I Am Not Circumcised." Over the melody and the sung words "I am not circumcised," Dennis reads from Chuck Thompson's list of famous intact men. A copy is $10 ppd from:

Dennis Payne
Rustywood Music
Post Office Box 40643
Nashville, TN 37204

"Opera is for when the emotions are too big for words" so Betty Katz Sperlich R.N. and Nurses for the Rights of the Child have enlisted Ron "Dadou" Romanovsky (formerly of Romanofsky and Philips) to create "It's a Boy!, a circus opera", using puppets, musicians, dancers, a trapeze artist and a knife-juggler. A concert version has been performed at the Santa Fe Playhouse and at the Ninth International Symposium on Genital Integrity in Seattle. The CD is available from Fresh Fruit Records, 369 Montezuma Ave, #209, Santa Fe, 87501 USA.

T-shirts, Bumperstickers, Mugs, Badges, Fridge-magnets, etc

The Questioning Circumcision website has a range of blinkies, small changing messages to post to message boards: ''His body, his decision'' blinky

More links
A very comprehensive directory of circumcision resources.

Female Genital Cutting

For more information about FGC. Some of these sites include disturbing and Not Suitable For Work pictures.


Involuntary Sexual (Re)assignment

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