One Woman's View

If I talk to women about circumcision and they don't seem to get it, then I make it personal. Sometimes I tell a story. (This probably works best woman to woman.) I'll tell them to: -

Imagine that you are admitted to a hospital for some minor surgery. On waking up from the anesthesia, you realize that your inner labia and the hood over your clitoris have been cut off.

   When you confront your doctor, he explains that the tissue that was removed was "redundant" and not necessary for sexual functioning.

   He goes on to say that you will be much easier to clean and have less odor, there will be less chance of infection, and he felt that you would look "better", more aesthetic.

   He says that when he told all of the "risks" and "benefits" to your family, they gave informed consent for the procedure.

   How would you feel?

   Now imagine that you were awake and resisting, but they did it anyway.


If they don't get it right away, they usually will later, when they are alone.

- Susan Peer
Parents of Intact Sons

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