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- not an Intactivist site, just a place for Jews who want to name their sons while leaving their bodies alone.

 Unspeakable Mutilations: Circumcised Men Speak Out by Lindsay Watson (Kindle) Preview.
Deutches fahn Also available in German as Unaussprechliche Verstuemmelungen

Infant male genital cutting is already illegal

An Orthodox Jew argues from Torah that Brit Milah is a human rights violation

Deutches fahn NEU! intaktiv e.V. Eine Stimme für genitale Bestestimmung

Israeli flag Now with Hebrew subtitles: Nerves of the Penis and Foreskin

On this site:

How the WHO was manipulated into promoting genital cutting as HIV prevention

Hypospadias is NOT an indication for genital cutting.

Professor Brian Morris, a consolidated rebuttal
The AAP's 2012 brochure for parents
The xxxxx of my xxxx - The circumcision A loving Malaysian mother's blog describing her daughter's surgical gential cutting
RACP brochure annotated
Your legal rights
Comprehensive rebuttal of HIV-RCTs
Satire: How to write about male genital cutting
How not to spell "circumcision"
Permissible and forbidden analogies for genital cutting and for the foreskin

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