A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 6


Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle's penis
Mickey Mantle


John Hamill John Hamill's penis
Actor John Hamill


Jake Arietta's penis Jake Arietta
Jake Arietta
Chicago Cubs Pitcher

Daniel Koellerer Daniel Koellerer's penis - full coverage
Former Austrian
tennis player
Daniel Köllerer
Daniel Koellerer's penis - peeping glans

Zeke Zeke's flaccid penis

Actually, Zeke™ has an average
amount of foreskin.

Zeke's semi-erect penis
This is a not uncommon way for it to gather behind the glans.

"Zeke™ ... used to be afraid to take showers at the gym because he’s uncut.

"'I always felt weird,' he said. 'Everyone else was circumcised and I have a lot of foreskin, so it was weird in the beginning.'

"After getting a few compliments on his foreskin ... he felt a lot more comfortable… "


Man on tracks Man on tracks' penis

His frenulum is clearly visible.

Let's hope he hears any train coming in plenty of time!


Buzzcut man by pool
Buzzcut man's penis Not quite sure why this man is holding this pose - it looks tiring.


Winking man Penis of a winking man
Winking man's penis, foreskin part-retracted Winking man's penis, foreskin pulled forward


Man with baseball bat   Man with baseball bat's penis
This man, identified only as Darren,
appeared in the UK on Channel 4 TV's The Penis Unsheathed ( ! )
in May 1994.



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