A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 5


David TennantDavid Tennant's penis

David Tennant
(the 10th Doctor)
on stage in
What The Butler Saw
by Joe Orton in 1995
has an ample overhang.


Irishman's penisThe loose skin at the base of this man's penis is normal, and needed for his erections. Circumcision frequently removes so much skin that erection is uncomfortably tight, and the lack of movement causes the skin to fuse with the underlying layer.

His name suggests he is Irish. Circumcision is virtually unknown in Ireland.


Man on beach
Man on beach's penis


Man on wall
Man on wall's penisThis man's raphe, the "seam" down the underside of his penis, can be seen clearly. It is literally the seam where the tube closed up before he was born.


Man with cleft chin   Man with cleft chin's penis


Man with ladderMan with ladder's penis




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