A Gallery of Intact Men and their Penises 2

Orlando Bloom naked on a beach Orlando Bloom's penis on a beach Orlando Bloom naked on a paddleboard
Orlando Bloom's penis on a paddleboard
Orlando Bloom's penis on a paddleboard 2
Orlando Bloom


Alexander Skarsgård on fire in 'True Blood' Alexander Skarsgård's penis 1
Alexander Skarsgård
on fire in True Blood
Alexander Skarsgård's penis 2


Samuel de Cubber in YSL advert Samuel de Cubber's penis

French model
Samuel de Cubber
in the European edition
of Vogue - considered
too explicit
for US readers


Carlo - model for the hoax Daniel Radcliffe Carlo's penis Carlo's penis, foreskin retracted
Daniel Radcliffe & horse merged with Carlos' lower half
The lower half of this picture was used for the hoax picture
widely distributed as showing Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) nude.
With foreskin retracted, it looks similar,
but not identical, to a circumcised penis.


Hairy 1970's Man   Hairy 1970's Man's penis

This man of the 1970s has a very usual amount of foreskin.
The meatal lips of his glans show through his preputial sphincter.


Man on haybale   Man on haybale's penis

What a change to see a man who isn't maximising his length!
This completely closed pucker is very typical.

Man who was on haybale   Man who was on haybale's penis
We spoke too soon!
His [professional] name, Tamás Miklós, suggests he is Hungarian,
but he also goes by the name of Petre Andraas.


a Real Man   a Real Man's penis

Who said you have to be circumcised to be a Real Man?
This man's foreskin is very slightly shorter than average.




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