Adult non-retracting foreskin ("Phimosis")

The pseudo-diagnosis of "phimosis" (muzzling) is often used as an excuse to circumcise a child or adult. Phimosis is generally defined as the inability to retract the foreskin behind the glans.

A significant number of men never experience full retraction, and have no complaints. One has sent pictures:



Healthy adult phimosis - flaccid Healthy adult phimosis - firmingHealthy adult phimosis - erect
Its owner writes:
The foreskin never retracts, and nor does it cause any kind of problem while having intercourse or masturbating. I have been enjoing a very healthy sex life with my girlfriend since the last two years. In fact, this was the main reason for my sending you my pics, so that this myth could be cleared for all the readers. I had not seen such a kind on your website. I request you to upload these pics so that more people can know about this as another type of a normal penis. It will aid to their education.
Many thanks to this correspondent.


This Hungarian porn "actor"'s foreskin never fully retracts.

non-retracting foreskin-2; erect, still covering non-retracting foreskin-3; erect non-retracting foreskin-5; max retraction

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