What's the difference between this and a circumcised baby?

Dog with cropped ears

This gets you fined up to $NZ25,000 [$US11,500]
and six months in jail.

Razor used on dog's ears

THE mutilation of a puppy has angered animal activists who want to stop him being returned to his owner.
   Smokey, a 15-week-old pit bull terrior, is the care of the Rotorua Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after he was found at a Ngongotaha home with severely butchered ears.
   SPCA inspector Nicola Martin said it appeard that a razor blade was used to roughly slice into Smokey's ears to make him look more agrressive.
   "Part of his ears have been sliced off and they intended to stich the skin between them up so the ears look permanently pricked. People think it makes the dogs look tough and macho."

   Though Smokey's hearing was not damaged, the amateur surgery hed left him permanently disfigured and in pain from an infection, Ms Martin said.
   "He's a very friendly little dog but it's obvious that he has suffered a lot. His ears are like open sores."
   The SPCA had received conflicting reports on who had perfromed the surgery.
   "We're investigating how this happened and need to hear from people in the area who might have heard something," she said.
   The practice is illegal in New Zealand and dogs hwo have had it done cannot participate in dog shows, unless it has been performed by veterinarians overseas.
   The SPCA would apply to the courts to have the dog permanently

removed from his owner and put into its custody.
   Rotorua District Council animal control supervisor Kevin Coutts said he was sickened by Smokey's treatment.
   I've seen plenty of cases of animal cruelty and neglect, but this is absolutely the worst one I've ever seen."
   The SPCA has put Smokey in foster care while he recuperates. Ms Martin said vets were assessing the need for further surgery.
   A Rotorua man has been charged with cruelty to animals and failing to provide medical attention, under the Animal Welfare Act.
   The maximum penalty is six months jail and a $25,000 [$US 11,570] fine.

Dominion Post (Wellington)
August 1, 2002

"To make a boy appear more masculine" is one of the more than 300 circumstitions on another page. It is often claimed that a man's sexuality is unaffected by circumcision, just as it is admitted Smokey's hearing is undamaged here.

Man denies cutting ears off puppy

A MAN accused of slicing the ears off a puppy faces trial in January.
   During a status hearing at Rotorua District Court yesterday Kelvin James Bonner, 21, caregiver, from Ngongotaha, denied cutting the ears off a 15-week-old bull terrier.

   Earlier this month, he pleaded not guilty to charges of slashing the pup's ears, ill-treating an animal and failing to ensure the animal received treatment to alleviate unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress.
    Smokey the bull terrior was found by an

SPCA staff member at the end of July as she inspected a Ngongotaha property. The upper sections of both Smokey's ears had been removed by what was thought to be a razor blade. Bonner has been remanded till January for a defended hearing. - NZPA

Dominion Post,
October 24, 2002

Mr Bonner might argue that what he allegedly did would have been legal if the puppy had been a human male.

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