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February 21, 2020DENMARK: Patient Safety Authority greenlights ritual male cutting
November 20, 2019MISSOURI: Charges dropped against man who cut his own teenage sons
December 18, 2018KUALA LUMPUR: 11-year old's penis botched with new genital cutting device
September 29, 2019NEW YORK: Metzitzah: another boy - the 24th - with herpes from oral suction
October 29, 2019BRAZIL: 3-year-old's penis cut off after operation for "phimosis"; doctor found dead
October 16, 2019SYDNEY: Appeal against conviction for "symbolic" cutting quashed.
October 12,2019NOTTINGHAM, UK:  Doctor who cut boy without consent suspended for 1 month
September 6, 2019KENYA: 5 women imprisoned for having themselves cut
September 4, 2019LONDON: 70-year-old woman escapes prison for posing as baby's mother to have him cut
August 18, 2019TORONTO: Baby's glans-tip cut off - "too young" to be re-attached.
April 26, 2019BEIJING: Students to be cut in an attempt to prevent HIV
April 17, 2019CANADA: 'Circumcision caused my son's suicide'
April 12, 2019 WASHINGTON DC: Department of Justice drops appeal against Detroit FGC decision
April 8, 2019 CALIFORNIA: VSC (intersex) genital cutting bill delayed to appease doctors
April 3, 2019 GENOA: 3rd boy dies  from home genital cutting
March 26, 2019 LEICESTER: "Shocking revelation" that wrong man cut
March 24, 2019 BOLOGNA: Baby dies after DIY cutting
March 9, 2019 LONDON: Woman sentenced to 11 years for cutting daughter
March 5, 2019 IOWA: Bill introduced to outlaw VSC (intersex) surgery
February 14, 2019 EUROPE: Parliament calls for protection of VSC (intersex) rights
February  8, 2019 TANZANIA: Call for compulsory adult male genital cutting (despite evidence of futility)
February 5, 2019 CALIFORNIA: Bill introduced to outlaw VSC (intersex) surgery
February 2, 2019 LONDON: First UK conviction for female cutting
January 17, 2019 CAPE TOWN: Boy critically ill with rare haemophilia after ritual cutting
January 17, 2019 LONDON: Government seeks experience of people with Variations of Sex Characteristics

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