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September 25, 2017MALAWI: Men resist foreskin cutting
September 21, 2017BRUSSELS: Belgian Government Ethics Committee rules against male cutting.
July 20, 2017MALAWI: Boys bribed to get cut with k2500 (US$3.45)
July 12, 2017MICHIGAN: New FGC law increases penalties, punishes parents
July 3, 2017SOUTH AFRICA: 11 initiates (8 boys, 3 girls) die
June 29, 2017WASHINGTON, DC: Three former Surgeons General call for end to intersex surgery
June 29, 2017NOTTINGHAM: Mum opened nappy to find baby had been cut
June 27, 2017OSLO: Party leader rules out genital cutting age restriction
June 22, 2017NOTTINGHAM:  Three arrested in non-(maternally)-consented male cutting case
June 21, 2017DETROIT: Two more indicted for allegedly cutting six girls
June 12, 2017WESTERN CAPE: Man fears loss of his penis after sepsis
June 11, 2017DETROIT: Defence explained in FGC case: token pinprick proposed
June 7, 2017DETROIT: Doctor and wife under house arrest, maybe 100 girls cut (or not-cut)
June 7, 2017 ATLANTA: Lawyer for botch victim calls for Mogen clamp recall
June 2, 2017 NOTTINGHAM: Doctor who cut boy without mother's consent should be charged: lawyer
June 1, 2017 DETROIT: (OJ's lawyer) Dershowitz to defend FGC on religious grounds
May 31, 2017 NOTTINGHAM: Surgeon gets 15 years for unnecessary breast operations
May 22, 2017 NEW YORK: Cut men have twice as much the carcinogenic HPV 
May 20, 2017 DETROIT: Religious defence planned in FGC case
May 14, 2017 NOTTINGHAM:  Mother to sue GP for cutting son without her consent
May 2, 2017 LAS VEGAS: Nevada considers age-restricting intersex surgery
May 8, 2017 OSLO:  Party (in ruling coalition) votes to age-restrict genital cutting

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