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June 1, 2018COPENHAGEN: Petition for age restriction on male cutting to go to parliament
May 29, 2018LONDON: E U Politicians oppose restrictions on male genital cutting, Secular Society criticises
May 21, 2018 LOS ANGELES: Sandra Bullock under fire for facials made from foreskin
April 26, 2018 REYKJAVÍK: Parliament to dismiss genital-cutting age-restriction
April 24, 2018 COPENHAGEN: Ruling Liberal party will block a minimum age for male genital cutting
April 19, 2018 COPENHAGEN: Opposition party wants a minimum age for male genital cutting
April 8, 2018 NOTTINGHAM, UK: Challenge to non-prosecution of doctor who cut without consent
April 4, 2018 REYKJAVÍK: Diplomatic pressure against genital-cutting age-restriction
April  2, 2018 SOMALIA: Female Genital Cutting to be penalised
April 1, 2018 HYDERABAD, INDIA: Another genital cutting death
March 22,2018 REYKJAVÍK: US Anti-Defamation League threatens Iceland
February 27,2018 LONDON: Jewish parents shun genital cutting
February 23, 2018 REYKJAVÍK: 500 Icelandic doctors support age-restriction on genital cutting
February 21, 2018 AUSTRALIA: Only 4% of boys now being cut
February 17, 2018 NEW YORK: Religion no excuse for cockfighting
January 31,2018 REYKJAVÍK: Iceland considers banning infant male genital cutting
January 28, 2018 COPENHAGEN: Petition to age-restrict male genital cutting proposed to Parliament
January 15, 2018 DETROIT, MI: Most serious charge dismissed in female cutting case
January 12, 2018 ATLANTA, GA: Parents and baby sue nurses and hospital for forced premature foreskin retraction

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