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November 30, 2018LONDON:  Conservative MP cites barrister that male genital cutting is bodily harm
November 21, 2018AUCKLAND, NZ: Tongue-tie surgery "massively overused, potentially dangerous"
November 20, 2018DETROIT: Charges against sect dropped, law ruled "unconstitutional"
November 13, 2018KENYA: Man escapes forced amateur cutting, "chooses" hospital instead
November 6, 2018DETROIT: Defence argues for dismissal of female-cutting charges
November 4, 2018ALASKA: Intersex person elected councillor, surgically assigned without parental consent
November 2, 2018NEW YORK: Doctor sued for second glans amputation
October 20, 2018UGANDA: President slams genital cutting for HIV prevention
September 27, 2018 COPENHAGEN: Cutting age restriction is constutional: Parliament to debate
September 21, 2018 ATLANTA: $3o million damages for botched genital cutting
September 20, 2018 ATLANTA: Mother not told part of her son's glans was cut off
September 13, 2018 ACCRA, GHANA: Boy's whole penis cut off  by traditional genital cutter
September 5, 2018 ATLANTA: CDC doubles down on its pro-cutting policy
August 28, 2018 WASHINGTON: Sexually Transmitted Disease rates reach record highs
August 28, 2018 SACRAMENTO: California legislature condemns intersex genital cutting
August 17,2018 LONDON: 3 year old girl needs emergency surgery after cutting
August 17, 2018 KISIMU, KENYA: 2 boys in hospital with "severe  skin mutilation": parents protest
August 14, 2018 CAPETOWN: More cut men have HIV than intact - throwing doubt on protection claim
August 13, 2018 COPENHAGEN:  Danish health minister says genital cutting won't be age-restricted
August 6, 2018 DETROIT: Doctor wants more charges of cutting girls dropped
July 29, 2018 PENNSYLVANIA:  Man charged after threats to hospital about his being cut
July 23, 2018 NEW YORK: UN Committee condemns intersex genital cutting
July 22, 2018 SOMALIA: Father defends FGC after daughter dies
July 18, 2018 KAMPALA: Health Ministry warns against cutting babies without parental consent
July 17, 2018 NEW DELHI: Sect wants "female circumcision" legalised
July 11, 2018 OSLO: Two Norwegian hospitals defy government, refuse to help cut healthy babies
July 7, 2018
''Love ALL of him'' billboard
PITTSBURGH: 'Love ALL of him' billboard asks parents to re-think genital cutting
July 6, 2018 BIRMINGHAM, U K: Genital cutter arrested, suspected of grievous bodily harm

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