Circumcision Fetishism

or "circumfetishism"

This is a byway of the circumcision issue. It underlines how reasons given for circumcising may not be what they seem.

According to the Encyclopedia of Psychiatric Disorders,

Fetishism is a form of paraphilia, a disorder that is characterized by recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies generally involving non-human objects, the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one's partner (not merely simulated), or children or other non-consenting persons. The essential feature of fetishism is recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving specific objects. While any object may become a fetish, the distinguishing feature is its connection with sex or sexual gratification.

- Fetishism. Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders


A circumcision fetishist, or circumfetishist for short, is a person who gets sexual pleasure from the act of circumcision.

Circumfetishism should be distinguished from just eroticising the circumcised penis (accucullophilia), as many women and gay men may do, just from familiarity (and unfamiliarity with the intact version), and then it should be considered in the context of apotemnophilia (the wish to be an amputee) and acrotomophilia (sexual interest in amputees).

Circumfetishism may involve fantasies of power and control, which may be ritualistically acted out. Circumfetishists, like most fetishists, appear to be virtually all men - though being circumcised by a scornful woman is a common circumfetishist fantasy.

(Women may fetishize apparently non-sexual objects, such as large structures, though their attraction seems more like falling in love than a purely sexual involvement - Simpson A. Woman with objects fetish marries Eiffel Tower. The Telegraph, London, June 4, 2010)

Circumfetishist fantasies may be active (sadistic) fantasies of circumcising, or passive (masochistic) fantasies of being circumcised, and the rituals, when they occur, of course involve both.

Circumfetishists have several websites (such as Inter-circ, Roundheads U.K. Circumcision Images).

Until June 2010, the Circlist website linked to a Google discussion group that said

"Circlist has always permitted, and will continue to permit, circumcision related fetish/sexual postings/materials, straight, gay or otherwise. Individuals may use CIRCLIST to make contact with one another, including for sexual purposes. The list is not just a medical interest list, but rather all things circumcision, including circ-fetish, sexual info, medical info and a place to meet up with fellow circumcision enthusiasts and proponents."


Circumsexuals held the first International Circumsexual Symposium, in Washington, D.C. in June 2005, and another in Las Vegas in May 2010.

Circumfetishist "Ben Winkie" blogs about it. ("Interests: Being masturbated whilst circumcision is being discussed. Watching circumcisions with others. Etc.") and features a Gomco and a Mogen clamp on his avatar.

(The various circumcising devices are often bright and glittering - the kind of thing a jackdaw would use to decorate its nest. They are also attractive to circumcision fetishists.)

Circumcision advocate Professor Brian Morris has links to several circumfetish websites from the Links page of his homesite, circinfo.net:

Circumcision Websites
and Online Discussion Groups


... 4. http://donotlink.com/www.circlist.com (Chris Eley, UK)

Professor Morris has co-authored a paper about circumcision techniques with Chris Eley,
with its section on circumcision styles based on material on Circlist.


24. http://donotlink.com/www.icon.co.za/~hugot/circum

This leads by an easy password (if you are "procirc") to an unsecured page
("This gallery has been created for the benefit of Cir[c]list Members and people considering the various circumcision styles....")
with a dozen stories with titles like:

The Doctor and Darren
Terry 's Circumcision
Terry and the Doctor- Sequel to The Doctor and Darren.
Terry and the Skinhead - A circumcision taken to far.
Circumcision Poker
A Blade for Ryan - Outsmarting a young offender.
Dads Gift- 16 Year old son circumcised by his Dad
A Checkup to remember: A budding teenager's desire to be like his older brother.
(several are about forced circumcisions, usually of teenagers, NSFW)

© Copyright 2013 CircInfo.net Professor Brian J. Morris.

The extent of circumfetishism among doctors and others who perform infant circumcisions is unknown, but warrants further research.

Based on part of a presentation - 'Evolution of Circumcision Methods: Not "Just a Snip" ' - by Hugh Young at the 11th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy, Berkeley California, 2010, published in Genital Cutting: Protecting Children from Medical, Cultural, and Religious Infringements, Spiringer 2013, pp 69-83, DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-6407-1_5

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