January 1 - December 31, 2005

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They have passed that heritage on to their sons

Bless you, bless you, bless you. As an uncircumcised male here in the US I absolutely refused the Doctor's recommendation to have them cut when my two sons were born. They are now happy, well adjusted and UNCUT men who have passed that heritage on to their sons. [And] my persuasive efforts have saved three of my friends son's from the knife also. Keep up the good work! Most sincerely,

- Joseph M. in Florida
December 20, 2005

People never seem to say "A boy should look like his father" when the father is intact.


The outrage I feel is beaten back

I just wanted to compliment you on your circumstitions pages. Its thoroughness and even tone are a true comfort on days when uninformed media hacks get it so wrong. The outrage I feel is beaten back when I read the facts, knowing that the truth is out there and isn't going away just because a few boosters are making a little noise.

- David Wilton in San Francisco
October 28, 2005


I realised that I wasn't alone

For a long time I had always wondered what it was that was on my penis, until finally finding your site I realized what it was and that I wasn't alone.

As of now I've made an appointment to have my skin bridge removed but I'd like to thank your for your site as it does help people out. Attached are some pictures of my botched circumcision you may put on your site. ... once everything is "fixed" I'll see what I can do about giving you an after shot. I am aware that my penis may not look like a normal circumcised penis after the operation, but as I see it, it will be still better then what it looks like now.

Before I found out that my problem was from a messed up circumcision I wasn't against circumcision or for it. But now I'm totally against it, and my son when he is born will not be messed with, if he wants to be circumcised he can make the decision himself later in life...

- Jack in Orange County, CA
March 21, 2005

I wish this had never of had to happen

I had my "surgery" to have my skin bridge removed, It was painless but has left me with some small scarring on my penis. My doctor has told me that over time the scarring should clear up but it may never totally disappear. Overall I'm happy to have the bridge removed but wish this had never of had to happen in the first place. I've attached some pictures.

- Jack
July 10, 2005


Many American woman are now rejecting this bizarre practice

Love your web site! Many American woman are now rejecting this bizarre practice and leaving their sons as nature intended. I'm one of them, although 23 years ago it was very hard to be a rebel, even though my husband is intact. I just kept thinking how wonderful his foreskin is. Thank you for the site.

- Lisa in Massachusetts
March 11, 2005


The circumcised ones are missing something

I love your site! Thought it might be great if would-be-mutilators could see the circumcision devices or download a bit of video. Here's a link to one. I get the feeling that these folks are not hip on cutting. [local links to Plastibell(TM), Gomco(TM) clamp, circumcision procedure]

I am a 26 yr old woman who has never had the pleasure of an experience with an intact penis. I am sooo thankful for your site. I've already started telling everybody about it. And the pictures! I'd never had the pleasure of seeing an intact penis and was thrilled to find they are absolutely beautiful. Now when I see a circumcised penis, all I can see are the scars, I get distracted picking them out! I love the side by side comparison, too! It showed me this: It's not that intact penises have something "extra", but that the circumcised ones are missing something important!

Anyway, thanks again so much for your efforts! I've decided that I will NEVER circumcise any baby of mine, and while not wanting to discriminate against men who've had their foreskin organ torn away, I think that an intact penis may be a pre-requisite to getting into a serious relationship.

Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

- Lynn W. in Missouri
February 27, 2005


It's certainly an important human rights issue


Excellent website, informative and amusing. I particuarly like the rebuttals of various pro-mutilation articles.

Its certainly an important human rights/abuse issue with many implications.

I'm amazed at the number of people who discuss the c-word on forums and who clearly don't bother researching it on the net, and plan to cut so the kid will look like his Dad.

Although RIC has declined a lot in Australia, there is still a fair bit of it, for example, in Queensland it's at 20%.

I've done a few pages on this topic at

- Bill Jordan in Melbourne, Australia
February 11, 2005


It is not something that easily affords a comparison


I visit your site occasionally and check for updates. Being circumcised myself; I find the information provided interesting and informative. However, it was a recent update that compelled me to write. On the Complications Page you have a picture posted of a gentleman who has made the best out of an "unusual" situation. I am referring to the photo of a ring placed through a skin bridge. Having a skin bridge myself I have done the same thing by adding a barbell that would typically be used for a navel piercing. I have attached 2 photos, which show my skin bridge with and without the barbell. Note that there are actually 2 bridges very close together as the gap is much more obvious in the photo with the barbell. Please feel free to display these photos on your site as another example.

I would also like to thank you for providing information that I have been unable to find since I first discovered that my skin bridge was "different". When I say different I am not referring to the type of skin bridge but just to the fact that it is there! As you can well understand, being a heterosexual male, it is not something that easily affords a comparison to other men.

I had always suspected that the bridge had something to do with circumcision but it wasn't until I visited your site a couple of years ago that I was finally able to find out why it was there and what it was. I have never considered my bridge to be a complication, just something that is aesthetically different.

That being said, I am not advocating circumcision and to be honest, your website has convinced me that I am missing out on something that I can never experience. Like most circumcised men this was not a matter of choice. I was born in Ontario, Canada in 1961 and at the time this was what would be best described as "common practice".

Thanks again for a great website.

Best regards,

- Dave in Ontario, Canada
January 4, 2005


From: "stari jane" Date sent: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 23:38:01 +1000

I just wanted to thank you for your intactivism pages, your dedication and hard work in providing such a valuable resource. I realised upon discovering them that I really haven't learnt much about uncircumcised penises and haven't seen many of them in my travels of the "dark side" of the net. I'd also like to ask for some advice. If you have the opportunity to post some of this e-mail on your website I'd appreciate it, and am open to being contacted by email by readers of the site. Thankyou kindly, Lestari.

I'm a 21 year old woman who, since finding the intactivism pages, is trying to get over her aversion to uncircumcised penises. Yes, I know I shouldn't have an aversion in the first place. Please don't flame me over that, I'm fully capable of telling myself I'm bad and silly and superficial. What I'm wondering is if anyone has any hints on how to overcome this aversion.

A little bit of detail, I was raised a nudist so saw plenty of penises, cut and uncut, growing up. The men in my family were circumcised. I associated (and still associate) uncut "boys" with being annoying and dirty. I've been with uncircumcised men, I felt they were too wet and sloppy and found their penises ugly. I didn't want to go down on them. I like the feel and taste of a circumcised penis much more than that of an uncircumcised one.

HOWEVER, I agree that male circumcision seems to be an unnecessary and unethical act. I don't believe foreskins would exist if they had no function, and like it says on the site, there are a lot of things, not just organs, associated with the human body that have as yet undiscovered functions (bilirubin has been linked to seasonal affective disorder and body clocks). It doesn't make sense to remove a foreskin. And hence I am faced with putting my heart with my head.

If you or anyone else has any suggestions on how to get over this aversion, I'd really appreciate it. I truly apologise for being so shallow.

Kind regards,


- Lestari in x
January 2, 2005




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